In 2020, Millie was working as a children's book illustrator when she had the idea for a business surrounding adult colouring books and raising awareness about social issues. After a year of planning, Calm Over Chaos was born in January 2021. For 2 years she ran the business out of her bedroom in in Kingston, England, but her dream was always to build something that allowed her to design from anywhere in the world. Today, she lives in a new country each month, designing and running the business as she goes.


Our customer service Queen, Eve and Millie met when they worked in hospitality together in their early 20s. As Calm Over Chaos grew and Millie began to struggle to run it by herself, Eve was always ready to step in and help with all aspects (packing orders, ordering stock, figuring out logistics, being in LIVEs, - she's truly a key part of the business). Eve has over 10 years experience in customer service and a passion for making sure we as a business can give the best service possible. She also loves cats a lot :)


Born in the UK, raised in New Zealand. Before meeting Millie, Rob was a Teacher of Physical Education for 3 years in New Zealand and 1 year in England. After having a keen interest in talking business with Millie, they discussed the exciting possibility of him joining Calm Over Chaos permanently.

Now, Rob works behind the scenes on a lot of the operational/technological aspects of the business and having an awesome time doing so! He even enjoys colouring in Millie's incredible books from time to time 👍