Charity Work

I've always had a keen interest in doing my bit for the world around me. Since being a child, I always wondered 'why' things happen and 'what' we can do to help. I've been a hardcore reader and researcher from very a young age, leading me to discover how much of a brutal place the world can be for so many.

In my early 20s I read a book about the refugee crisis in Syria (Dear World by Bana Alabed), and although I'd always been aware of the refugee crisis, this little girl's story hit me hard. I just remember thinking 'why is no one doing anything to help these people' and then I remembered that I am someone. I signed up to volunteer with refugee charities that day.

Since then, I've dedicated so much of my time to charity work, both online and first hand on the refugee camps in Calais. I am a firm believer that volunteering in person is one of the best things you can do with your life, but I'm also aware that charities need money to run. Despite this, I never had enough of an income to donate the amount I wanted to financially, so when I started Calm Over Chaos I saw the opportunity.

I've made a promise to myself to a) always use my books and social media to raise awareness for the people and topics who have been silenced and b) give back as much as I can using whatever profits I make. 

As a company, we have so far been able to support varying charities, which all do wonderful work to help causes such as the planet & environment, women’s rights, LGBTQ+, Black Lives Matter, the refugee crisis, men’s mental health, human trafficking victims, children in poverty and of course the U.K.’s wonderful NHS.

I'm very well aware that I'm not going to make a huge difference to the world. However I do strongly believe that if we all do whatever little bits we can to be better humans everyday, the world will become a much better place for all of us. A refugee once told me that my conversation with him had reminded him that 'there are still good people in the world'. That one comment has stuck with me and keeps me pushing every day.

If you have a specific cause / charity in mind that you would love for us to help support, please get in touch, I'm always on the hunt for charities that my customers have benefited from.

All my love,

Millie x